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Last update: 17.4.2024


EQA rounds evaluated in the last month

Published Name and code of the EQA round
17.4.2024 Autoantibodies in Thyroid Diseases (AT1/24)
16.4.2024 Bone Markers (BM1/24)
13.4.2024 Basic Clinical Chemistry - Serum (AKS2/24)
12.4.2024 Basic Clinical Chemistry - Urine (AM1/24)
12.4.2024 Risk Factors for Atherosclerosis (RFA1/24)
11.4.2024 Albumin in Urine (ALB1/24)
11.4.2024 Glycated Haemoglobin (KD2/24)
10.4.2024 D Dimers (DD1/24)
8.4.2024 Haemocoagulation Tests (HKG1/24)
8.4.2024 Low Molecular Weight Heparin (LMWH1/24)
4.4.2024 Antithrombotic Agents (AP1/24)
4.4.2024 Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (SED1/24)
30.3.2024 Peripheral Blood Smears - Photos (NF1/24)
29.3.2024 Acid-base Status and Electrolytes (ABR1/24)
29.3.2024 Cerebrospinal Fluid Analysis (CSFB1/24)
29.3.2024 Cerebrospinal Fluid Cytology (CSFC1/24)
29.3.2024 Isoelectric Focusing of CSF (CSFF1/24)
29.3.2024 Cerebrospinal Fluid Diagnostics (CSFK1/24)
29.3.2024 Peripheral Blood Morphology Evaluation (DIF1/24)
26.3.2024 Antiphospholipid Antibodies (APLA1/24)
22.3.2024 Diagnostics of Rheumatoid Arthritis and ASLO (RF1/24)
21.3.2024 Autoimmunity (AIM1/24)
19.3.2024 Blood Group Serology (IH1/24)
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EQA Plan 2024

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