Supplement to the list of manufacturers

Please follow the rules below when classifying Beckman Coulter and Siemens products.

Beckman Coulter
Code Name Note
12 Beckman Coulter All products Access, AcT, DxC, DxH, DxI, HMX, LH.
58 Beckman Coulter (AU) Only products AU.
Products formerly known as Olympus.
36 Immunotech Beckman Coulter subsidiary, manual immunoassay diagnostics (RIA, ELISA).


Code Name Note
179 Siemens All products Advia, Clinitek, Rapidlab, RapidPoint.
Products formerly known as Bayer.
162 Siemens (Atellica) Only products Atellica CH and Atellica IM.
149 Siemens (Dade, BN, Dimension) Only products Dade (diagnostics for haemocoagulation), BN (formerly known as Behring Nephelometer) inclusive Atellica NEPH 630 and products Dimension.
Products formerly known as Dade Behring.
29 Siemens (Immulite) Only products Immulite.
Products formerly known as DPC.

Last update: 15.12.2020