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Last actualisation: 20.11.2018


List of the most current evaluations of the EQA rounds

Published Name and code of the EQA round
20.11.2018 Specific IgE Against Penicillin Components (study) (T18/18)
13.11.2018 Autoimmunity (AIM2/18)
13.11.2018 Immunopatology of GIT (IGIT2/18)
13.11.2018 INR measurement on POCT (INRP4/18)
13.11.2018 Allergy Control Scheme (Total IgE) (TIE2/18)
12.11.2018 Peripheral Blood Morphology Evaluation (DIF4/18)
12.11.2018 Haemocoagulation Special (HS2/18)
11.11.2018 Low Molecular Weight Heparin (LMWH2/18)
9.11.2018 Antiphospholipid Antibodies (APLA2/18)
9.11.2018 C-Reactive Protein POCT (CRPP5/18)
6.11.2018 Trace Elements (TE2/18)
5.11.2018 Population of CD34+ Cells (CD342/18)
5.11.2018 Hormones 1 (E14/18)
5.11.2018 Hormones 2 (E24/18)
4.11.2018 Blood Count (KO4/18)
4.11.2018 Tumour Markers (TM4/18)
1.11.2018 Autoantibodies in Thyroid Diseases (AT2/18)
1.11.2018 Differential Count - Automatic (DA4/18)
1.11.2018 Glycated Haemoglobin POCT (GHP3/18)
1.11.2018 Immunophenotypisation (IFT2/18)
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